Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Make Sea Salt Body Scrub

Are you interested in  learning how to make your own sea salt body scrub?

First let's get some things related to creating your own sea salt scrub out of the way.  First, if you are looking to make a Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, this is not the page for you.  I intend to create one of these pages soon, but for now Dead Sea Salt would cost too much money for the scope of this quick tutorial. 

Second, before you begin creating a sea salt body scrub, it is a good idea to know what frangrance you want to add to your scrub for the purposes of achevieing aromotherapy.  Whether you choose an articifical or natural scent is up to you, but know there are benefits and downsides to each.  Specifically the naturalist will let you know that you should not add any artificial substance to your sea salt body scrub.   While the capitalist will tell you that natural scents can be cost prohibitive and not give you any scientifically proven benefits.  The decision as to how you will scent your scrub is up to you, I just want you to consider which scent works best for your sea salt body scrub. 

Lastly, making your own body scrub can be a great way to release creative energies and save money on expensive store made sea salt body scrubs.   It is also a way for you to take your skin care into your own hands and out of those whose primary goal is profits and not your skin's health. 

Mastering your Sea Salt Body Scrub Receipe

The basis of any scub will begin with the recipe.  Listen people, this is not rocket science.  Keeping this simple you will find that the basic ingredients are sea salt crystals, oil and fragrance.  There are other addtives you can add for effect and consistency smoothing, but the basic receipe is all you will need. 

The general body scrub recipe is to mix sea salt with an oil. You can find course sea salt at the grocery store, but I would recommend that the oil mixture come from a drugstore or a specialty/natural cosmetic making supply store.  There are several of these stores easily found on the web, if you live in a rural area.  You want to mix these together so that the salt is deeply saturated, but not soaked with the oil mixture.  

Next you will look to add a fragrance to the mix.  As mentioned above, some artifical scents may cause your body to have adverse effects, so never try your homemade mixture on your skin without testing it on a small portion of your skin, preferably a small section of a leg and arm. 

Body Scrub Oils

The oil you select will have different properties, based on where it is derived from. Consider matching your oil based on your skin care needs and choose to use one because it is good for dry skin, or because it can help repair skin that has been damaged.  

Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oils are just a few of the types oils you can use. I have found coconut oil to work well for eczcema, as well as Neem Oil, but be careful as Neem as a distinct frangrance all to itself.  I know it works, simply because of the strong odor it emits. :)

Lastly, do not be afraid to experiment.  The ingredients you are using are natural for the most part.   Mixing natural oils and scents and salts can be fun, and a great gift to give away during the holidays, weddings and special occassions.  

I hope you enjoyed my lesson on how to make sea salt body scrub

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